Impact Wrestling Results (6/10/2021): Last Stop Before Against All Odds

I don’t usually watch Impact as it is not readily available for me on TV but out of respect for the company and it’s talent I think it’s time I give Impact Wrestling the attention on this site it deserves. Please forgive me if I don’t go too in depth with coverage as I’m basically a first time viewer. I am interested in the workings of All Elite Wrestling in this but more so if Impact can still separate themselves from everyone else.

The show kicks off with a wrestling summit between Scott D’Amore, Tony Khan, and Don Callis. The whole point of this apparently is for Callis to keep Sami Callihan out of a potential match against Kenny Omega. A decision was made to have the Impact World Champion Kenny Omega to face Moose at Against All Odds. Tony Khan makes the announcement that the match will take place at Daily’s Place and Sami Callihan is barred from ringside. The winner will also face Callihan at Slammiversary. Callis is pissed. If I’m Callihan I’m happy to stay away as his destiny for Slammiversary is already set.

Good Brothers and Omega aren’t happy with the announcement s from earlier and things are about to get worse. Scott D’Amore makes a match for Slammiversary, the Good Brothers in a Street Fight versus Sami Callihan and a partner of his choosing. I’m interested in seeing who that would be. Callihan doesn’t think he could find a partner until Tommy Dreamer steps in. Dreamer gets a warning that Callis is technically his boss so don’t make an enemy out of him.

Rosemary vs. Havok: There is a caveat for this match, if Havok can defeat Rosemary then Rosemary’s match at Against All Odds vs. Deonna Purrazzo becomes a Triple Threat Match for the Knockouts Championship. Rosemary comes hot out of the gate dropping Havok with two spears but it not warrants a two count. From there on it was just a power display from the bigger Havok. It took two more Spears to drop Havok and Rosemary picks up the win. Suddenly Kimber Lee, Susan, and Deonna Purrazzo hit the ring and jump Rosemary and Havok. Susan grabs a mic and demands that the Kimber Lee and Tasha Steelz match happen right now.

Kimber Lee vs. Tasha Steelz: This was a hard fought victory from Steelz who played the underdog really well. Steelz hit Kimber Lee to pick up the win. I want to say it was a surprising win but Steelz is one half on the Tag Champs so it makes sense. In the ring a brawl breaks out between Tasha, Susan, Deonna, Kimber, Rosemary…this thing is nuts. Kierra Hogan got absolutely driven with a double chokeslam from Rosemary and Havok.

Steve Maclin is mad about something.

Josh Alexander says he feels great after winning his Iron Match against TJP last week. Alexander is interrupted by Ace Austin who tells Alexander that he is the only one that Alexander should be paying attention to as the threat to Alexander’s X Division Championship.

Petey Williams and Trey Miguel vs. Rohit Raju and Chris Bey: This was one of those matches where if you blinked you were going to miss something. Trey Miguel moves like legit lightning in the ring. Miguel picks up the win with a neat submission. He traps the legs in a tight Figure Four and pulls the arms forward in an arm bar trap. Pretty nuts. Ace Austin and Fulton hit the ring after the match and beat everyone down. Josh Alexander hits the ring and suddenly all of the combatants go after Fulton. They eventually spike Fulton with a Super Canadian Destroyer. Neat.

There was a backstage segment with Tenille Dashwood and her All About Me show where guests ask her questions. It’s weird but funny. This week Rachael Ellering is her guest but most of the show is blatantly disrespecting Ellering’s partner Jordynne Grace. Obviously fed up with what is going on Grace says she’s going to Scott D’Amore right now to make a match for Against All Odds.

Joe Doering (w/ VBD) vs. Eddie Edwards: This had Doering on top and in control for most of the match. Doering is definitely an old school big brawler type that works really well. The match ends in DQ when he catches Deaner trying to trip Eddie from the outside. A brawl breaks out and Monima hits the ring. It takes almost all of VBD to hold Doering back.

W. Morrissey vs. Willie Mack – No DQ Match: Mack made Rich Swann promise not to come out during the match. Except for using a small chain and a steel chair there wasn’t much of a No DQ feeling to this match. It was slow and methodical and pretty much dominated by Morrissey. Mack has a comeback and connects with a standing moonsault for two. Mack misses a frog splash and collided with a chair. Mack gets to his feet with the chair in hand and Morrissey just boots it into Mack’s face for the win. After the match Morrissey tries to inflict more damage on Mack until Rich Swann comes down to make the save. Both men are separated by security as the show closes.

For my first time watching Impact there are aspects of the show and the upcoming PPV that I am interested in. Are you excited for Against All Odds? Drop a comment below.

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