WWE SmackDown Results (6/11/2021): My Brother’s Keeper

The show kicks off with Jimmy Uso coming down to the ring ready to bring to light what’s Roman’s issue. According to Jimmy he believes Roman is jealous that Jimmy is back, he wants his brother by his side, and they don’t want to leave Roman alone in the family holding gold. Backstage Roman instructs Jey to handle this. Jey is definitely in a rough predicament.

Kevin Owens and Big E vs. Apollo Crews and Sami Zayn: Owens starts the match off hot but gets grounded by Zayn and Crews. Big E gets the tag in and starts working over Crews. Owens is slow to get to his corner. Back from break with Big E being separated from his partner. When Big E does get to his partner Owens is like a man lit on fire. Crews tags in and eats a Superkick and a pop up powerbomb for two. Things get crazy with Big E dumping Apollo Crews out of the ring. Back inside, Sami gets hit with a Stunner from Owens for the win. After the match, Apollo Crews lays down a challenge for next week: Kevin Owens and Big E versus Apollo Crews and his commander Azziz. Sami Zayn thinks this is a conspiracy against him but eats a Nigerian Nail from Azziz.

Backstage there’s a little trash talking between Chad Gable and the Street Profits. Tonight we’ll see Gable take on Montez Ford tonight.

Roman Reigns is taken aback by Jimmy Uso’s request for Roman to see him in “their” locker room.

Carmella vs. Liv Morgan: Carmella considers herself the most beautiful woman in the WWE. Her words not mine. This match was scrappy for lack of a better term on both sides. Liv hits Carmella with a Springboard Flatliner she calls Oblivion and gets the win. Carmella is still the most beautiful woman in WWE according to her so she’s got that going for her.

Tonight on Ding Dong Hello it’s just one big laugh fest courtesy of Seth Rollins and Bayley at the expense of Cesaro and Bianca Belair. There’s a ring at the door and when Rollins answers he is met with a beat down at the hands of Cesaro. The best down not only destroys the suit Rollins is wearing but the new set for Ding Dong Hello gets demolished too. It looks like Bianca Belair is going to be the one with the last laugh.

Rey Mysterio says by the end of the night he’ll be in the ring to call out Roman Reigns to answer for the beating he laid into Dominik Mysterio.

Montez Ford vs. Chad Gable: This was a back and forth match showcasing the technical expertise of Gable and the athleticism of Ford. Backstage, Otis ambushes Angelo Dawkins as he watches his partner Ford. Back in the ring Ford hits the frog splash. Before Ford can capitalize Otis hits the ring and destroys Ford for the DQ to the amusement of Chad Gable. Dawkins tries to save his partner but gets dumped to the outside.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. King Corbin and keeps the crown thanks to Bugez, for now.

Inside the Usos locker room things come to head with Jey Uso snapping and removing himself from his cousin and his brother. Roman plays the manipulative cousin and puts the blame on Jimmy saying he should be the one to make things right. 

Rey Mysterio indeed calls out Roman Reigns. When he does, Rey challenges Roman to a fight inside Hell in a Cell. From out of nowhere a Kendo Stick is slid into the ring and Mysterio goes to town. The stick shots aren’t enough to deter Roman as he drops Mysterio with a Superman Punch. Reigns looks like he is going for the Spear when suddenly Dominik goes to town with his own Kendo Stick. Much like his father’s attempt, the stick does damage, just not enough. Roman hoists Dominik in the air in a powerbomb position and launches him completely out of the ring. Rey goes to tend to his son but gets a boot for his troubles and the show goes off the air.

Are you looking forward to a potential Hell in a Cell Match between Roman Reigns and Rey Mysterio? Drop a comment below!

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