AEW Dynamite (6/11/2021): Inner Circle Crushes Pinnacle’s Ride

Before the show begins we see the Pinnacle arrive in a limousine. This will be the first time we hear from the group since Stadium Stampede.

Angelico (w/ Jack Evans & Matt Hardy) vs. Christian Cage: Angelico worked the left arm pretty well which is why he was employed by Matt Hardy to do. This is, in my opinion, Angelico’s best work. Angelico is showing off what makes him one of the most unique talents in all of wrestling. For him to be sort of out wrestling Christian Cage up until this point is interesting to see. Cage has an underdog comeback capping his offense off with a diving headbutt. Angelico stays working on the arm of Cage. You know it’s a close contest when you get a headbutt collision. Despite the bummed left arm Christian is able to lock in the Killswitch for the win. After the match Christian is jumped by Jack Evans and Matt Hardy until Jungle Boy makes the save.

Tony Schiavone makes the announcement that Brock Anderson, the son of Arn Anderson, will be teaming with Cody Rhodes to take on QT Marshall and Aaron Solow. With Cody, Brock, and Arn in the ring the segment is interrupted by QT Marshall. A challenge is laid down by Marshall for when AEW goes back on the road. Marshall wants a South Beach Strap Match. While being separated QT removes his belt and whips Arn in the back. QT is taken down by Brock who rains down punches on QT until they are separated by the referees. This was a great way to build up next week’s tag match as well. How will Brock fair in his first match now with a bit of revenge on his mind?

Penta El Zero Medio, PAC, & Eddie Kingston vs. Young Bucks & Brandon Cutler: Poor Brandon Cutler got the snot kick out of him to start this match. For some reason Pac is still carrying his beef with Kingston into this match. Throughout the break the Bucks were on offense but the tables are turned when we come back. Penta comes in and just lights the ring on fire. Things break down into your run of the mill Bucks match. They give the opportunity to Cutler to cap off the offense for a win but of course he can’t get the job done. Cutler misses his finish and gets hit with a Spinning Back Fist from Kingston and the unlikely trio of Pac, Penta, and Kingston get the win. After the bell, Bucks and Cutler jump the men in the ring with the Good Brothers joining them. The save is made by Frankie Kazarian who absolutely levels Cutler with a lariat.

The Pinnacle are out to speak for the first time since their Stadium Stampede loss at Double or Nothing. Each man has a personal beef with someone from the Inner Circle. Everyone in Pinnacle grants a match against their individual nemesis in the Inner Circle except for MJF who believes he has nothing to prove. Since MJF won’t agree to the terms it looks like Pinnacle better call an Uber if they want to get home. The Inner Circle absolutely destroys the limo Pinnacle came in complete with the usage of a forklift. I guess MJF has no choice but to accept now.

Darby Allin asks Sting to stay home next week as he will go at it alone versus Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page.

Miro (c) vs. Evil Uno – TNT Championship Match: Evil Uno fought valiantly in front of his Dark Order comrades but in the end Uno has no choice but to tap out to Miro’s Camel Clutch.

Jr had it right when he said what went from a normal interview segment for Kenny Omega to plug his match in two weeks versus Jungle Boy turned into an absolute fiasco with Jungle Boy getting the better of Kenny.

Lance Archer beat the hell out of some dude named Chandler Hopkins in two minutes.

Nyla Rose defeated “Legit” Layla Hirsch with a Beast Bomb off the second rope.

Brian Cage & Powerhouse Hobbs vs. #10 & Hangman Page: The main takeaway from this match is there are some serious issues in the camp of Team Taz. Ricky Starks wanted Cage to use the FTW Title belt in nefarious ways and when Cage declined Starks smacked Cage in the face! Why would you slap a man that size in the face?! Cage is filled with rage as he chases Starks to the back leaving Hobbs all alone. Hobbs gets hit with a cutter from 10 then a Buckshot Lariat and this one is over folks. The show closes with Dark Order celebrating with beers and water.

What did you think of AEW Dynamite on Friday? Drop a comment below!

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