WWE Raw Results (6/14/2021): RK-Bro vs. New Day; Last Raw Before Hell in a Cell

The show kicks off with Alexa Bliss giving us a recap of what happened with Shayna Baszler last week. Alexa is approached by Nia Jax to let Alexa know that Shayna will see her Sunday at Hell in a Cell. Nia wants Alexa to stop messing with every aspect of Nia’s life and to make that happen they will face each other tonight.

Nikki Cross vs. Charlotte Flair: Charlotte has a little motivation tonight as Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley comes out to get a better look at the match. This proved to be Charlotte’s downfall. After delivering a vicious fall away slam on the outside of the ring in front of Ripley, Charlotte took time to gloat in front of her Hell in a Cell opponent. Charlotte wasn’t paying attention to the referee’s ten count and gets counted out. Nikki Cross was able to make it back in the ring in time so that makes this four weeks in a row Nikki Cross has bested two of the best Raw has to offer.

John Morrison def. Jeff Hardy via Pinfall. After the match, Cedric Alexander gets on the mic feeling disrespected after Hardy showboated after beating Alexander last week. Cedric says Jeff is lucky Cedric didn’t send him to a retirement home. Jeff gets on the mic and says if Cedric can beat him in a match right now, he’ll retire.

This week went the same as last week for Cedric as he falls victim to the Swanton Bomb and takes the L.

Tonight was supposed to be the debut of Eva Marie and it was, sort of. She is accompanied by NXT UK star Piper Niven, whom the commentators can’t even name, takes Eva’s place for a match and absolutely demolishes Naomi for the win. More Eva Marie goofiness. Some things never change.

The New Day vs. RK-Bro: Interesting to see The New Day be so dominant against Orton and Riddle up until the commercial break. When we come back it’s a different story as Riddle and Orton both work to ground and pound Woods. The one thing I do like is since aligning himself with Orton is Riddle is way more aggressive in the ring. The action goes back and forth between both teams as we head into another break. When we come back it is more team continuity from both teams. Woods goes for the Honor Roll and gets hit with a devastating RKO. RK-Bro picks up another win.

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley: This was a great match that went back and forth and was pretty hard hitting. The problem is we’ve seen a variation of it a bunch of times since WrestleMania. Rhea gets the win with the Riptide but the good stuff comes after the match. Charlotte comes in and blasts Ripley and a massive brawl ensues. A ton of officials come out to break things up but these two women just keep clawing at each other. The brawl got my attention more than the match tonight.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax: I was happy to see Alexa in a match as it has been a while since she has been in action. She is really good playing this creepy character as she puts her all into it. Her mannerisms and the way she moves about in the ring really translates well. She almost had Nia beat until Reginald decided to intervene and cause a DQ. Bliss is pissed but instead of attacking Reginald she…takes control of him? Alexa breaks her trance over Reginald and exits the ring.

MVP finds Kofi Kingston again this week to rub it in his face that he’s taken another loss this week. Just like Kofi I am interested to see what MVP’s end game is here. No one can break up the New Day right? Right?!

Elias vs. Jaxson Ryker: Elias finds another way to get counted out this week. My guess is we’re supposed to reach a fever pitch where we’re so tired of this we want to see Elias get the crap beat out of him right? The problem is are we sure we want Jaxson Ryker to be that guy? Do we even care enough?

Drew McIntyre vs. AJ Styles: With AJ having Omos out there and McIntyre antagonizing Lashley enough that he wants to be ringside, the Viking Raiders make their way down to the ring to even the odds. Much like a lot of the other matches tonight, this was a back and forth contest. Styles would use his speed to avoid the power of McIntyre. The action spills out to ringside and McIntyre takes the chance to pop Lashley in the face before he could get involved which happens anyway. We get an all-out brawl before going to commercial break. When we come back the match has turned into a six-man. Bobby Lashley changed into his ring gear in about four minutes which was neat. I like watching Omos in the ring as there has not been anyone to make him look small or find a weakness. Omos could seriously beat anyone at this point. After dispatching the Viking Raiders over the barricades Omos has set up his team for the win. A tired AJ Styles looks for a partner to tag. Styles’ body gave out before he could tag Omos so he did the next best thing and tagged Lashley. This confuses Lashley who turns right into a Claymore Kick from McIntyre. The three-count is made and the champion has been pinned by his Hell in a Cell opponent. A stare-down between both men closes out the show.

Tonight’s Raw was pretty much more of the same. If you’re looking for something to pay attention to I would definitely keep my eyes on the New Day vs. RK-Bro match. If you watched Raw tonight what did you think? Drop a comment below!

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