WWE NXT Results (6/15/2021): Regal’s Big Announcement

After a wild TakeOver: In Your House NXT GM William Regal has promised to drop a huge announcement regarding his status with NXT.

The show kicks off with William Regal making the announcement we all expected him to make. After running NXT for seven years he can no longer, in his tear filled eyes, be in charge of the NXT brand. Before he can actually say the words and break the hearts of the fans he is interupted by NXT Champion Karrion Kross. The Champ is filled with glee feeling he predicted this exact moment. Kross is demanding that Regal give him credit for running Regal out of NXT.

And then his music hits.

Samoa Joe is here. Samoa Joe is here at the request of Regal but before we can find out for what reason he doesn’t take kindly to the disrespect being shown to the GM. The reason Regal wanted to see Samoa Joe is to offer him the position of new NXT GM. Joe respectfully declines the offer believing he could live up to the shadow cast by Regal. Joe is interested in putting someone (Kross) in their place. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the reason Joe was brought back so he cannot be an active competitor. Instead, Samoa Joe is offered somewhat of a special enforcer role that way if provoked, Joe can get physical. NXT keeps Regal and we are ensured that no one messes with him with Joe around.

Breezango def. Imperium who dominated most of the match. Breeze gets tagged in and rolled Aichner into a small package for the shocking win. Afterward, Imperium lay out Breezango then bury Breeze under an Imperium banner.

It did not take long for Samoa Joe to have to jump in and throw hands. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly are backstage still going at it and a frustrated Regal makes an announcement that at Great American Bash O’Reilly and Cole will go one on one. Both men will have to choose an opponent for themselves to face next week. Neither Cole or O’Reilly are phased by this and continue brawling with each other. Suddenly Samoa Joe steps in and literally chokes Adam Cole out. Joe says when Cole wakes up Mr. Regal expects his decision.

Kushida def. Trey Baxter via Submission with the Hoverboard Lock. This was a really good match and a great showing from Baxter who made a big name for himself on the Indies before coming to NXT. Kyle O’Reilly was out to get a good look at the match and the reason being is he would like Kushida to be his opponent next week. O’Reilly and Kushida have faced each other once before in Japan back in 2015 for the BOSJ Tournament. The match was considered one of, if not the best, match of the year.

It’s time for the coronation of LA Knight as the new Million Dollar Champion. Knight asked that WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase so Knight could express how much of an honor it was to be in the ring with DiBiase. It was truly a heartfelt moment that I…stupidly fell for because after the love fest Knight drops DiBiase with a punch and begins laying in the boots to him. Thankfully Cameron Grimes comes down to make the save and LA Knight gets the hell out of there.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez def. Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Karter after Kai hit the GTK on Kacy. This was a really good match that almost saw Kacy and Kayden get the win on multiple occasions. Beth Phoenix mentioned on commentary that perhaps Kai forced Gonzalez to take this match so soon after TakeOver. Maybe Kai needs some gold since Raquel has her own?

It looks like Io Shirai and Candice LeRae will renew their long standing rivalry. LeRae tried getting the one up on Io by having Indi Hartwell do her dirty work but Zoey Stark comes in to make the save.

The main event of the show was a Tornado Tag Match between Ciampa and Thatcher taking on the Grizzled Young Veterans. This was a straight up fight. No rules, no tags, just fight till pin or submission. The end came when Ciampa got the better of Gibson on the commentary table sending him to his doom with an Air Raid Crash. Back in the ring, Thatcher and Ciampa work together to take down James Drake eventually getting Drake to submit to an ankle lock armbar submission.

To end the show NXT GM Regal and Samoa Joe shake hands on a good night one of partnership.

What did you think of tonight’s NXT? Are you excited to see Samoa Joe back? Drop a comment below!

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