Impact Wrestling Results (6/17/2021): Callihan is Rehired; Don Callis is Fired!

We start the show at the office of Scott D’Amore. Moose is pissed and rightfully so after getting screwed out of the Impact World Championship at Against All Odds. Unfortunately, Moose’s grudge is going to have to wait because for the first time in Impact Wrestling history the Anthem Board of Directors are sending someone to address the Don Callis/Sami Callihan situation. Simply put, D’ Amore has bigger issues to worry about.

TJP def. Black Taurus after hitting the Mamba Splash. A great back and forth match. After the match, Moose comes in the ring and blasts TJP from behind. Moose says until Scott D’Amore gets in the ring he’s not going anywhere. Moose is then attacked from behind by Chris Sabin who says he’s looking for a fight after cracking Moose over the head with a steel chair. Moose retreats to the back with Sabin in the ring. Backstage, Sabin challenges Moose to a match at Slammiversary.

Josh Alexander pulled off a big win against Madman Fulton where Fulton dominated most of the match with his power. As soon as the bell rang for Alexander’s victory, Ace Austin hits the ring and begin pummeling Alexander. Out come Petey Williams, Rohit, and Trey Miguel all who are competing in the Ultimate X Match at Slammiversary. Suddenly, the massive Shera hits the ring and decimates all of the good guys. It looks like Shera was that ace in Rohit’s sleeve as they along with Ace Austin and Madman Fulton celebrate in the ring.

Backstage Deonna Purrazzo is giving Kimber Lee and Susan a vicious tongue lashing for not succeeding at Against All Odds.

W. Morrissey believes everyone in Impact Wrestling everyone is under this mass delusion that they have friends that they can trust. Morrissey believes the only person he can trust is himself.

Steve Maclin def. Jason Page in his debut for Impact Wrestling. This was an impressively long squash match seeing Maclin get the win with a sit-out inverted DDT.

Don Callis equates his issues with Scott D’ Amore to nothing more than a sibling like squabble. Callis believes he and Scott have different skill sets such as empathy for talent. That’s more D’Amore’s area of expertise. As for the Anthem representative coming to rectify the Callihan situation, Callis isn’t scared of some corporate stooge.

Tenille Dashwood def. Rachael Ellering thanks to some assasitance from Kaleb with a K. This was a great match and both women were throwing some heavy shots. Although by nefarious means, Dashwood now holds victories over Ellering and her partner, Jordynne Grace.

Backstage, Fire and Flava have a little altercation with Rosemary and Havok resulting in poor Kierra Hogan getting thrown into some trash.

Satoshi Kojima def. Rhino thanks to a lariat. With that victory, Kojima earns a Tag team Championship shot for he and Eddie Edwards next week against Doering and Deaner of VBD.

It turns out that the person representing the Anthem Board of Directors was none other than Tommy Dreamer who is here to deliver some messages. First, Sami Callihan is to be rehired effective immediately. Someone is to be fired but it isn’t Scott D’Amore, it’s Don Callis. An irate Callis exits the ring and when he gets to the back he is confronted by Sami Callihan who says he is going to bash Kenny Omega’s brains in and make Uncle Don watch. What a way to close out the show.

What did you think of this week’s Impact Wrestling? Drop a comment below!

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