WWE SmackDown Results (6/18/2021): Hell in a Cell on SmackDown!

The show kicks off with Rey Mysterio who says he wants his revenge inside Hell in a Cell tonight. A tearful Mysterio goes from talking about Dominik possibly never comes back to the ring to demanding Roman accept his challenge tonight. The Cell completely lowers, surrounding the ring, and then Roman Reigns comes down to the ring. Roman says he doesn’t want to have to be locked in the Cell having to hurt Rey and offers a chance to reconsider. Rey declines. Roman says he tried to be diplomatic now they have to do it Roman’s way. Sounds like we should be afraid.

Azeez and Apollo Crews def. Kevin Owens and Big E after Azeez hit Owens with the Nigerian Nail. Sami Zayn who was on commentary provided a distraction that led to the pinfall. After the match, Azeez hits Owens with another Nigerian Nail. Sami Zayn calls it “karmic justice”. Kevin Owens goes to Officials Pearce and Deville demanding a match with Sami Zayn. Pearce grants the match for Sunday at Hell in a Cell.

Rick Boogs absolutely shreds the Shinsuke Nakamura entrance. It’s a good thing because after a hard hitting match Nakamura wins the Battle for the Crown defeating Corbin with a Kinsasha. Corbin is King no more as Nakamura is now the one true king. I love wrestling.

Bianca Belair is out to the ring to get a word in before her match at Hell in a Cell. Belair says Sunday she just doesn’t just want Bayley in the ring but she wants her inside Hell in a Cell! First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and you win according to Bianca. Bayley answers Bianca’s demand to come down to the ring and they begin to brawl inside and all around the ring. It’s Bayley standing tall at the end of the brawl holding the title high before a mirror of the image all around the Thunderdome.

Backstage, Jimmy Uso approaches his cousin Roman Reigns in his dressing room. Jimmy informs Roman that he hasn’t heard from Jey all week, almost like he’s been dodging them. Roman demands that Jimmy find Jey. My only assessment is Roman knows he doesn’t have the same power over Jimmy that he does Jey. That’s why to Roman Jey is so vital. Really manipulative stuff.

We find out due to the attack Montez Ford suffered by the hands of Otis Ford is out for an undisclosed time with a rib injury. Dawkins also has a shoulder injury despite competing in a match versus Otis, or so we thought. The match never started thanks to a two on one attack by Otis and Chad Gable. They absolutely destroyed Dawkins.

Seth Rollins interrupts a backstage interview segment with Cesaro. Rollins is just there to tell Cesaro that he disgusts Seth Rollins and doesn’t deserve a single ounce of respect. Cesaro actually respects Seth Rollins which is why he’ll wait till Sunday to put hands on him. Cesaro does send Rollins flying back into his chair though.

Roman Reigns ends up submitting Rey Mysterio inside Hell in a Cell with an inverted guillotine choke. Mysterio put up a hell of a fight using as many weapons as he could find around the ring but the Head of the Table was just too much for Rey to overcome. After the match, Jimmy Uso enters the ring to raise the hand of his cousin. Roman once again applies the inverted guillotine choke to Rey as the show closes.

What did you think about the first ever hell in a Cell Match on SmackDown? Drop a comment below.

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