AEW Dynamite (6/18/2021): Cage Fight; Darby Allin Goes At It Alone

The show kicks off with a Cage Fight, the first ever in AEW history. I actually enjoyed this…presentation more so than I thought I would. It was honestly a great way to mix MMA with pro wrestling. There was plenty of showmanship and even broke out some wrestling you definitely would not see in traditional MMA. Maybe if the fights were a little more serious and you let talent like Hager semi shoot it out in a cage you could have something interesting on your hands. Bottom line, I thought the Cage Fight was good stuff. First round saw a lot of the showmanship and two guys playing pro wrestler in a cage while the second showed some awesome ground and pound with submission technique. Hager locked on his finish, the head and arm triangle choke to get Wardlow to pass out at the forty seven mark. We almost had a neat moment of respect between both warriors but it was broken up by Shawn Spears attacking Chris Jericho. The brawl causes MJF to come down and lock Jericho in his arm breaker. Thankfully, Dean Malenko was there to pull off MJF. Then MJF does the unthinkable and strikes Malenko to the ground. Sammy Guevara comes down to make the save but by then the Pinnacle contingent escapes the cage. This rivalry may never end.

As Excalibur stated, there is a lot of internal strife within Team Taz.

Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky def. Darby Allin in a two on one Handicap Match. Darby gave a valiant effort and even had the bright idea to zip tie the feet of Ethan Page but in the end the numbers were just too much. Page drops Allin with his Ego’s Edge Powerbomb to get the win.

Orange Cassidy def. Cezar Bononi after delivering two Orange Punches to the Wingmen and one to Bononi for the win.

Backstage, AEW Champion Kenny Omega goats Jungle Boy into a brawl. When Jungle Boy started getting the upper-hand Omega and Uncle Don got the heck out of there leaving Michael Nakazawa alone for Jungle Boy to pound on.

Matt Hardy had to lock Christian Cage behind a cage in order to offer him a check for Christian’s retirement fund, one I don’t think he will take. Hardy warns Cage that if he doesn’t take the offer Hardy will have to end Christian’s career in other ways.

Brock Anderson wins his debuting match for his team with a jackknife pin on Aaron Solow. Brock showed tons of potential and reminded me a lot of his dad in his mannerisms and moves in the ring.

Andrade El Idolo has his sights set on AEW gold and says he and Vickie Guerrero has some surprises we should look out for.

Penelope Ford def. Julia hart via Submission. Afterward, the TNT Champion Miro says he will fight off the rest of Varsity Blonds, who’ve done nothing wrong, in her honor. Miro dumps Griff Garrison to the outside then gets in a pull apart brawl with Brian Pillman Jr.

Tony Khan owed Vickie Guerrero a favor for bringing Andrade to AEW so he allowed Vickie to set up a match. On the 30th edition of Dynamite Britt Baker and Rebel will team up to face Nyla Rose and Vickie Guerrero.

The main event saw Karl Anderson pick up the win for his team. Penta had the match in hand when Nick Jackson shows up out of nowhere with the cold spray in Penta’s eyes. Anderson comes off the top rope with an inverted cutter and gets the three count. The show closes with The Elite celebrating at the top of the stage.

What did you think of AEW Dynamite? Drop a comment below!

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