WWE SmackDown Results (7/2/2021): Last Man Standing, Edge Gets Called Out

Edge kicks off tonight’s show on the mic speaking about his experience at WrestleMania facing Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. 2006 Edge would have definitely complained but current day Edge understands that there will always be obstacles. Current day Edge also knows he can beat Roman even if Roman doesn’t want to admit it. Edge has the screenshots to back up his claim. Jimmy Uso reiterates to Paul Heyman backstage that he has his cousin’s back.

KING Shinsuke Nakamura & Big E vs. Apollo Crews & Baron Corbin: Since losing his crown to Nakamura Corbin has not been the same. He looks unkept, stressed, and not interested in a match of any sort. Before we head to commercial Big E clocks Corbin and that seemed to wake him up. While Corbin was working in the ring Rick Boogs makes the announcement that Corbin’s Benz Jeep is getting towed. The announcement distracts Corbin and he gets hit with the Big Ending from Big E as Big E and King Nakamura take this one.

Bayley and Bianca Belair have a face to face in the ring. Bianca admits that Bayley does live in her head and the only way for that to stop is for Bianca to embarrass Bayley. Bianca lays down a challenge for an I Quit match. Bayley, who says she’s never quit anything in her life, accepts.

Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn – Last Man Standing MITB Qualifying Match: This one was a super physical fight. How physical? It took Owens hitting Zayn with a powerbomb through the commentary table, through a standard table, then on the ring apron to get the 10 count.

WWE Official Sonya Deville is out to announce the next competitor for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Zelina Vega. While its awesome to see Vega back in the WWE one person who isn’t happy is Liv Morgan who can’t even get a shot for the match. Both women come to blows and Deville authorizes the match. It’s a quick one with not much to note with Morgan getting a flash pin win.

Otis def. Angelo Dawkins in a long squash match.

Next week we will see Cesaro take on Seth Rollins and King Nakamura battle Baron Corbin, both will be Money in the Bank qualifying matches.

All night Jimmy Uso has been waiting to call Edge out. Jimmy must have thought that he was helping set up a trap for his cousin. The only problem was that when the time came and Jimmy called out Edge, Roman was nowhere to be found. Jimmy tried holding his own but in reality he got the holy hell beat out of him. Edge called back to his WrestleMania match, trapping Jimmy in a crossface and using a chair leg in the mouth of Jimmy. What a visual to end the night.

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown? Drop a comment below!

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