WWE SmackDown Results (7/9/2021): The End of the Thunderdome

We kick off SmackDown with Jimmy Uso looking to speak with his cousin Roman Reigns. Before he can speak to Roman he is stopped by Paul Heyman who says Jimmy will get the attention of his cousin by the end of the night. Weird, if you ask me.

Roman comes down to the ring to reassure us that he isn’t afraid of Edge. The only reason Edge got the better of him a few weeks ago was a lack of focus. Roman has to deal with his family which allowed Edge is to get the better of him. Roman tells Jimmy he wasn’t around because he was doing what Jimmy couldn’t do, bring back Jey Uso. Roman declares that if Jey and Jimmy listen to him the Bloodline is untouchable. They agree and all three men embrace. Roman can play one hell of a manipulator.

As if losing all of your money, possessions, and right to be called King wasn’t bad enough, Baron Corbin has to watch Boogs and Nakamura ride in on the car he once owned. His problems get worse as he loses a Money in the Bank qualifier match to King Nakamura.

We get ourselves a debut tonight taking on the Women’s Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina. Coming up from NXT is Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox now known as Shotzi and Nox. They work together great as a team and even pick up a shocking upset win with Shotzi hitting her Ball pit senton to pick the win.

WWE Official Sonya Deville comes down to the ring to announce who will face Bianca Belair at Money in the Bank with Bayley out with injury. Bayley suffered a torn ACL while training at the Performance Center and will be out for at least nine months. I hope Bayley does make a quick recovery. Deville makes the announcement that Belair will not be defending her title at Money in the Bank but rather next week in Houston for the first SmackDown in front of fans. She will be defending the title against the self proclaimed “Most Beautiful Woman in the WWE”, Carmella. Liv Morgan has a beef to pick with Sonya Deville because winning match after match still has her overlooked. A frustrated Sonya makes the announcement that replacing Carmella in the Money in the Bank will be Liv Morgan. Good for her.

Seth Rollins qualifies for the Money in the Bank defeating a bloody Cesaro with a Curbstomp. The field is now set for the Men Money in the Bank match. From Raw: Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, Riddle, and John Morrison. From SmackDown: Kevin Owens, Big E, King Nakamura, and Seth Rollins.

To close out tonight’s SmackDown Edge calls out Roman Reigns. Roman had instructed his cousins to stay in the back but they did not listen. As they get to the ring while Edge and Roman brawl the music of the Mysterio’s hit but they come from behind to neutralize the Usos. Roman was able to escape unlike his cousins who both get caught in Edge’s crossface. As the show fades to black Edge is alternating cross faces between the Uso twins.

What did you think of tonight’s SmackDown? Drop a comment below!

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