WWE RAW Results (7/12/2021): Last Stop Before Money in the Bank

The show kicks off immediately with Xavier Woods taking on WWE Champion Bobby Lashley in a non-title contest. The match was mostly Lashley showing off his strength. Like a predator playing with his food Lashley keeps the match going to make a point to Kofi Kingston. Lashley hits Woods with a Spear and still doesn’t ,go for the pin. The showboating would come back to bite Lashley as Woods locks him up in an inside cradle and gets the win. That’s right, the WWE Champion was just pinned six days before his PPV match. When we come back from break we learn that Bobby Lashley has left the building. MVP promises that Lashley will be in attendance tonight for an edition of the VIP Lounge.

Eva Marie and Doudrop were invited to Alexa’s Bliss’ Playground but things turn sour when more attention is shown to Doudrop than Eva.

Jinder Mahal tried pulling a fast one by giving Drew McIntyre his word back in pieces but Drew was able to get the original sword back and replace Jinder’s with a replica somehow. What isn’t a replica is Jinder Mahal’s custom motorcycle he likes to ride in on. Drew McIntyre goes crazy and starts destroying Jinder’s ride, ripping it apart piece by piece.

During the Fatal 4 Way match, Eva Marie and Doudrop catch the attention of Alexa Bliss at ringside. Doudrop tries to make nice with Alexa but Alexa is more concerned with scaring the hell out of Eva Marie. Doudrop comes to Eva’s defense and dumps Alexa over the barricade. The only problem is Alexa isn’t there when Eva goes to see the damage. The rest of the women carried the match and made it rather enjoyable. Asuka and Nikki ASH would have a back and forth ending with Nikki getting the roll-up and the win.

AJ Styles and Ivar of the Viking Raiders had a great match ending with a surprise upset and Ivar getting the win after a corner senton. Erik of the Viking Raiders didn’t fair as well against the beast Omos who picks up his first ever singles win.

Before their match Sheamus jumped Humberto Carrillo backstage giving Sheamus the edge. As for the match, it could be fit inside of a replay as Sheamus just hit Carrillo with a Brogue Kick for the win. After the match, Sheamus says he is going to break the face of Carrillo but thankfully Damian Priest makes the save to prevent that from happening.

Ricochet defeated John Morrison in a Falls Count Anywhere Match after flying through the air and crashing into Morrison through a ladder.

Rhea Ripley defeated Natalya after hitting her with the Riptide. Afterward, Charlotte Flair ambushed her Money in the Bank opponent with a chop block then locked on the Figure Four.

To close out tonight’s Raw we have a VIP Lounge segment with MVP and Bobby Lashley. The problem is Bobby Lashley is in no mood to party. Lashley kicks the women out of the VIP Lounge and absolutely loses it tossing all of the furniture out of the ring. Bobby thinks Kofi might be right and Bobby may be going soft. An intense Lashley vows to kill Kofi’s career and we go off the air.

So that’s it for Raw tonight, what did you think of the show? Are you excited for Money in the Bank? Drop a comment below!

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