WWE SmackDown Results (7/23/2021): Roman Answers Cena’s Challenge

SmackDown kicks off with John Cena looking for answers from Roman Reigns regarding Cena’s SummerSlam challenge. Cena doesn’t get Roman or an answer but he does get Paul Heyman who comes out to say the Tribal Chief will have answer for Cena on his time.

  • Finn Balor wins his first match back on SmackDown beating Sami Zayn via pin fall after a Coupe de Grace.

The guy who built Corbin’s crowd funding website ended up stealing Corbin’s identity.

  • Angelo Dawkins was able to defeat Chad Gable in from of the Rolling Loud Miami crowd.
  • Bianca Belair retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship after hitting Carmella with the KOD.

We had a nice little brawl between Seth Rollins and Edge. Rollins believes Edge has been taking opportunities from Rollins and skipping the line. Edge wants his hands on Rollins for costing Edge the match Sunday at Money in the Bank. 

  • Toni Storm wins her SmackDown debut match against Zelina Vega via pin fall with a double underhook cutter she dubs Storm One.
  • Jimmy Uso defeated Dominik Mysterio via roll up with his brother assisting him similarly to Sunday at Money in the Bank.

Roman Reigns is out to answer John Cena’s challenge for a match at SummerSlam. After calling Cena’s act and persona tired and boring like missionary sex, Roman denies Cena’s challenge. Suddenly, Finn Balor comes down to the ring. Roman thinks it’s to acknowledge him but in fact, Balor would like a shot at the Tribal Chief. The crowd thinks Roman is scared at that may have played a part in accepting Balor’s challenge as SmackDown goes off the air. 

Another solid episode of SmackDown. What did you guys think? Drop a comment below!

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